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У зв'язку з неймовірною подією, ми хочемо подякувати кожного члена нашої спільноти. В якості подяки, ми раді запропонувати Вам: РОЗПРОДАЖ до 60%!
І це ще не все! Також, обирайте для себе додатковий подарунок!

  1. Вітаміни Alpha Men (120 шт) - КОД: АЛЬФА
  2. Мультивітаміни для жінок Active Women (120 шт) - КОД: АКТИВ
  3. Креатин Моногідрат (250г, смак Гарбуз) - КОД: КРЕАТИН
  4. Сироватковий Протеїн Impact Whey (250г, вкус Шоколадний Брауні) – КОД: БІЛОК
  5. Арахісова паста (з шматочками горіхів) – КОД: АРАХІС


Акція дійсна обмежаний час або поки товар є в наявності. При оформленні замовлення Ви маєте змогу використати лише один купон на знижку.

був: ₴ 1 270,00 ₴ 1 016,00 Зберегти: ₴ 254,00

Інформація про товар

Being a student and wanting to improve your diet at the right cost can sometimes be very difficult. Pinching and squeezing every penny where possible to make sure you get value for money on every purchase is essential. That is why the University Bundle is the ideal stack for any student.

A great addition to any student’s diet whether your new to training or not, this bundle includes five vital supplements that will provide you with everything you need to take your training to the new heights, helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The bundle combines a wide range of nutrients from five key supplements including, Omega 3, Creatine Monohydrate, Impact Whey Protein, Dextrose Glucose, Vitamin D3.


  • Omega 3 (90 capsules) - Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) that is sourced from fish oil. Contains EPA and DHA which have been shown to help brain, immune and cardiovascular function.
  • Creatine Monohydrate (250 grams) -
    Designed to promote gains in size, power and strength by favourably replenishing your body’s ATP stores.
  • Impact Whey Protein (1kg, Unflavoured) - A rich source of whey protein concentrate that aids muscle repair and recovery.
  • Dextrose Glucose (1kg, Unflavoured) - A simple carbohydrate that rates very highly on the Glycemic Index.  Dextrose raises blood sugar levels and restores glycogen stores rapidly making it ideal for anyone looking for a quick increase in energy levels.
  • Vitamin D3 (180 Caps) - A fat-soluble vitamin found in certain foods and also functions within the body in response to the skin's exposure to sun (specifically ultraviolet-B rays). Vitamin D is most commonly known for its ability to improve the maintenance of bones, teeth, and joints.

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University Essentials Bundle

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University Essentials Bundle
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